18 universities have already become part of the Innovation in Law Studies Alliance

18 universities have already become part of the Innovation in Law Studies Alliance

  • Faculties all around the world have the objective of innovaton in law studies and developing global social impact projects.
  • One of the many services offered by this alliance are monthly meetups where we discuss about innovating law studies.

ILSA is an alliance of universities whose mission is to support the transformation of law studies. It has been able to engage 18 universities from all around the world in its innovation programme in just a couple of months.

To this day, the following universities have joined us: Universidad Católica de Cuenca (Ecuador), Universidad EAFIT (Colombia), Universidad del Rosario (Colombia); Universidad Tecmilenio (Mexico), Universidad ESAN (Peru), Universidad de Valencia (Spain), Universidad Nebrija (Spain), CBKE (Poland), Faculté de droit – Université Catholique de Lille (France), University of Cape Town (South Africa), EDHEC Augmented Law Institute (France), Universidad Ecotec (Ecuador), UEES Facultad de Derecho, Políticas y Desarrollo (Ecuador), Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain), Holland University of Applied Sciences (Holland) and Kutafin Moscow State Law University (Russia).

To reach this goal, the alliance has launched a series of activities that allow its members to gain knowledge and techniques in areas such as legal innovation, digital transformation, LegalTech or law firms management. This allows professors, that learn about new methodologies to teach law in a more innovative way, and students, that participate in such activities like Hackathons and global sprints, to be more prepared to take on the challenges imposed by the actual profession and by employers.

One of the activities that these universities can enjoy are the online webinars  (taught by experts monthly about new technologies related subjects). We have already celebrated three webinars and we have had more than 200 people registered. They were about Artificial intelligence, innovation and future professions. The next webinar will be on the 10th of March and we will analyse what Hackathons are, why we should organise them and how to do it successfully.

ILSA’s predictions show that we will continue to grow these upcoming months and our objective is to gather 25 universities,, which we whould do before next year. They can join us in different ways: becoming a collaborating university (no cost) or a associated university, by paying an annual fee which allows them to enjoy different advantages and exclusive activities.

ILSA’s trajectory is being successful and this week it has been selected for Mentor Day’s accelarator with other 15 startups to move on to the last phase.

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